This is wonderful. A lot of work I think, but worth it 🙂

All that I am, all that I ever was...

We all have good days and bad days. For some of us, especially if mental health issues are involved, the bad days can be all-consuming, so when they hit we need to have the coping skills to deal with the emotional distress we find ourselves in.

My support worker recently gave me a worksheet – created by Indigo Daya(a Melbourne based mental health trainer, consultant and change agent) – that gives advice on how we can help ourselves cope during such difficult times, across six different aspects of our lives:

On the reverse of the worksheet there is space for you to write about the various coping skills that work best for you. You’re also encouraged to print out a copy so you can refer to it in times of need. Whilst I’ve stuck my hard-copy on the fridge, I’ve also decided to include a version of it here…

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  1. Thanks for this – very interesting

  2. thanks so much for this. i have been looking for resources to teach myself and my emotionally intense daughters some coping skills. I like that it has examples on one page, with the pros and cons, and the blank page to come up with individual plans.

    i really do like it and I think my girls might too.

  3. This is a great organized method of mindfulness. Sometimes we need this type of structure.

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