My Christmas Wish For You


I was told by a wise old friend that Peace is the only thing worth seeking and working for. The statement is brilliant in that it can be applied in both a bigger, more vague sense, as well as a specific answer to individual problems.


When you are wondering what you want to do with your life (a rather big concept) then peace should always underlie your work.

If you are deciding whether to choose to honk and yell at the person who cut you off in traffic, or rather to let the offender go, let peace guide your decision.

It’s not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?” – Henry David Thoreau

We need to be busy about making and choosing Peace.


The decision for peace may not be the easy choice, but it is the right choice every time. I know I’ll write more on this in the future because I actively make the choice for peace over and over everyday, and I think this makes a big difference in my life.


SO, my wish for you, and all of us is Peace, in it’s grand and broad sense, as well as the wisdom to use it in its smaller moment by moment sense.

Stay safe everyone.

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